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What is B2B? (B2B stands for "Business to Business" in English).

B2B is an abbreviated form of business-to-business. In B2B marketing, the products and services of one company are marketed to other companies. When we summarize what B2B is, we can briefly say that it is an e-commerce business model from one company to another company.




What are the Terms of Franchise?

You must be selling clothing products physically or online. You must meet at least 1 of these conditions. Otherwise, franchise is not granted.




Do You Charge a Fee for Franchise?

There is no fee for the franchise.




Do You Have XML or Dropshipping Service?


Our Xml or Dropshipping service is currently not available.




How can I order from your website?

You can order from our site as a dealer or without being a member. If you become a member and apply for a dealership and your application is approved, you can benefit from dealership discounts and advantages.




What are the Payment Systems Available on Your Site?

There are 2 types of payment methods on our site, credit card and money order. There are installment options depending on the credit card you use in the credit card payment type.




Is It Safe to Pay Online?

"SSL Certificate" supported by encryption is active in all purchases you will make through our website. All your credit card information goes through a special encryption screen that you and your bank use together. Reyon Toptan can NEVER see and access your credit card information. You can make secure payment with the "3D Secure" security system for credit card payment. The payment system is realized with Sipay approved by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency)




How Can I Track My Order?

You can get the latest information about your order on our website or by contacting our WhatsApp customer representatives.




How Can I Cancel My Order?


There is no cancellation process for orders that have been shipped. If the cargo has not been released, you can cancel your order by contacting our customer representatives.




Do You Work Open Account?

We do not operate open accounts.




Who is responsible for shipping or warehouse charges?

Shipping costs are borne by the "BUYER".




What are the Cargo or Warehouse Prices?

As the designs of the product or products you will buy vary, we cannot provide a clear price. Shipments are sent at affordable prices with Domestic cargo with which we have an agreement.




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