Coats, one of the most important pieces of clothing for women in winter, are very important because they keep warm and provide a stylish look. The detail that distinguishes the coat from the overcoat is the length of the coats long enough to cover the hip area. Overcoats are designed to be longer.

First of all, the material of the coat is very important. The outer surface of the jacket should be made of a waterproof and wind proof material. A high-quality insulation material should also be used on the inside. In this way, you can both protect yourself from cold weather and move comfortably. Comfort, protection from the cold, quality and elegance, in summary, more than women are looking for in choosing a coat, do not miss our unique products under the wholesale women's coats category in Reyon.

When choosing a coat, it is also important to choose one that fits your body. The coat should not squeeze you and should not prevent you from moving freely. You should also take into account the other layers you will wear under the coat, such as sweaters and cardigans. Therefore, when buying a coat, you can try on several different sizes of the same coat to determine which size works best for you.

What are Coat Models?

Classic coat models for women are always in fashion and suitable for every style. These models always look stylish and elegant.

Sports coat models for women provide a more comfortable and sporty look. Models included in this category include bomber jackets, sports jackets and soft shell coats. These models are usually made of lighter materials and are comfortable to wear.

Fur detailed coat models find a place among the trends with their rich look and elegant air. Models included in this category include sheepskin collars, sheepskin cuffs and sheepskin hooded coats. These models provide both a stylish and warm look.

Leather coats always provide a chic and stylish look. Models included in this category include leather coats and leather jackets. These models can be combined with any style and always look stylish.

Plush coats are usually long and thick, but they are also available in short and cropped designs. The color options of plush coats are quite wide. In addition to classic black and white colors, it is also preferred in vibrant colors such as pink, purple, green and blue. They can be worn with skinny jeans, sneakers or boots.

Short coat models include crop coats and short jackets. Bomber coats, one of these models, are made of a tight and elastic fabric. Rib details tighten the skirts and cuffs, making bomber jackets look more fitted. Bomber coats are an ideal option for women who want to create a sporty style.

Parka coats are another frequently preferred coat model in the fall-winter season. They are usually made of long and thick fabrics. These coats are usually complemented by a belt in the waist area. Parka coats usually have a large hood, which provides extra protection in cold weather.

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