One of the indispensable parts of women's wardrobe is underwear. Offering a variety of options such as pants, skirts and shorts, underwear products are a category where women can find options suitable for all ages and sizes. At Reyon Toptan, you can find quality wholesale underwear models that can be easily used in various styles from street style to office style. As Reyon, we offer products that appeal to every taste and style with our innovative and modern approach.

You can buy wholesale from our underwear products in a wide range of products from jogger pants with comfortable cuts in our collection to short skirts in neon colors. You can appeal to your customer base from every style with women's underwear products in different colors and patterns. Prepare your aisles for our new collection products instead of the underwear products that you are used to seeing in the shop windows, which cannot keep up with the pace of fashion.

What are Women's Underwear Products?

Pants are an underwear option that women can easily wear in every area from business life to daily life. Comfortable cut baggy and palazzo pants cuts have been among the trendy pants models for the last few seasons. Palazzo pants can also be worn comfortably in summer as they are made of light fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and satin. Trendy for both sporty and elegant styles, palazzo pants can be worn comfortably in daily life, business life or special events.

Shalwar pants are one of the traditional garments of Asian and Middle Eastern countries. These pants are loose-fitting and usually narrowed at the cuffs, with a wide and elasticized waist. In this way, they provide both a comfortable and stylish look. Since baggy pants are made of lightweight fabrics, they can also be worn comfortably in summer. Especially in the spring and summer seasons, baggy pants can be paired with light tops such as loose shirts, t-shirts or crop tops.

Skirts are an option for women to reflect their feminine style. Skirts designed in different sizes such as mini, midi, maxi, in various models and colors such as plain, patterned, floral, can also be produced from different fabrics. Depending on the season and style, they can wear skirts with tall boots, stilettos, ballet flats or sneakers. While straight cuts with full fabric are generally preferred in office style skirts, asymmetrical cuts are more preferred in street style.

Shorts, which are frequently preferred in women's wardrobes in summer, are usually made of denim, denim or canvas fabrics. Offering a variety of options such as Bermuda shorts, short skirts, straight shorts, these underwear products serve the comfort and elegance of women. With their modern cuts, belt and pocket details, shorts offer both comfort and elegance in summer.

As a result, the women's underwear category offers a wide range of options for different sizes, styles and needs. Underwear products, which have an indispensable place in women's lives, are one of the essentials of wardrobes.

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