Among the clothing options for women, bustiers have become very popular in recent years. With the models, different colors and designs of women's bustiers, women can easily use them both in daily life and on special occasions. You can browse our Reyon Wholesale category page for trendy women's bustier models and wholesale. You need to be very careful in the design of the bustier and the choice of fabric, otherwise the product will look sloppy and cheap. You can contact us from Reyon contact page for detailed information about bustier models and wholesale prices, to reach our quality and tasteful designs to your customers by staying away from such concerns.

Women's Bustier Fashion and Models

Bustiers were first used as underwear in the 1930s. However, over time, it started to be used as outerwear and different models emerged. Today, there are strapless, strappy, sleeveless, long, short, lace, feathered, sequined and bustier models with various patterns.

Although bustiers are generally preferred in solid colors, patterned models have become very popular in recent years. Especially floral, leopard print or geometric patterned bustiers are frequently preferred by women especially in summer.

How to Combine Women's Bustier Models?

Our Reyon branded wholesale women's bustier models with special designs are suitable for use in daily life as well as special invitations and business life. The same bustier can be worn with different shoes, pants and accessories both day and night. We have prepared suggestions on how to combine the most popular women's bustier models.

Short and Tight Bustiers, you can usually wear them with jeans and skirts. They are usually hooked together at the waist. It is generally preferred for casual wear. You can make the sporty style more elegant by wearing a jacket or blazer over the bustier.

Elastic Waist Bustiers are combined with tight bottom garments such as leggings and skinny jeans. You can also create a great style with a shabby shirt. It is often preferred when going to sports or hiking.

The strappy bustier is used in summer and is combined with shorts or mini skirts. A cardigan or jacket can be worn over it depending on the season. Models are available in shabby or fitted cuts.

Tie-up Bustier is a model with tying details on the side, front, back or straps. It can be used for both day and night style. Cross-linking is one of the most preferred.

Strapless Bustier is used for special events or night parties. No shoulder straps, leaving the back and shoulders exposed. It is often used for evening wear or special events. It is among the most remarkable and preferred women's bustier models. It can be in different models such as bustier with button, side or back fastening, lace, otrich or ring detail.

Women's bustiers, which are suitable for use in every season, are also designed with long sleeves. For a more elegant look, a bustier with satin or lace fabric can be chosen.

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